Dacapo Stainless

Since its foundation in 2003 Dacapo Stainless has grown to become a significant distributor group within the European stainless steel market. Employing 111 people in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Norway we generate around 115m EUR in revenue by servicing customers in our European home markets and more than 45 countries worldwide. Consisting of more than 11.000 article numbers our product program is among the widest and deepest in the stainless steel market place.

Our customers

Our customers are typically medium and large size companies in Europe predominantly engaged within the food, dairy, chemical , pharmaceutical and other process industries.
We add value to our customers by acting as their key connection point to some of the world’s leading producers of stainless steel. In addition to offering Europe’s widest program of stainless steel, we also provide to and on behalf of our customers

  • Web shop
  • Punch Out, transfer your orders from your own ERP system with one click
  • EDI-solutions
  • 3D models and 2D drawings incl. measures
  • Consolidation of different products & manufacturing sources
  • Financing
  • Quality control
  • ISO 9001:2015 certificate
  • Competitive pricing through buying power
  • Mill relations management
  • Buffer stocks
  • Project stock with Dacapo’s Container Solution
  • Just-In-Time deliveries
  • Open calculations
  • Hedging of raw material price risk, to assist customers in their cost management
  • Dedicated Account Managers with knowledge about customers activity
  • Knowledge sharing about prices and market
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Space management
  • Product development

AND we are crazy about challenging status quo. We believe "the good questions” eventually will lead to growth of the bottom line of Dacapo and of the customer. 

Our suppliers

No chain is stronger than its weakest link. This is why we make high demands to our suppliers. We only buy stainless steel at the worlds leading producers who of course all work after rigorous quality norms and standards. Dacapo Stainless is an independent company which gives our customers assurance of the best possible combination of price, quality and consistency of supply.

Our suppliers are located in Europe as well as in Asia. On the illustration to the left you can see a which countries are represented on “Dacapo suppliers map” 


Dacapo Stainless’ organisation

Efficient reliability is our priority

Since the foundation of Dacapo Stainless we have had one goal in mind: We want to deliver the right product and the best service as fast and as reliably as possible. This requires a flexible structure where our stainless professionals are empowered to make fast decisions thereby making all processes more efficient and more reliable for our customers. This is why we maintain short lines of command enabling us to quickly deliver on our commitments through effective action.

Ownership and management

Dacapo Stainless is 100% Danish-owned. 90% of the company is owned by 2-F Finans A/S, which is owned in three equal parts by Jesper Klein-Petersen, Henrik Saxtrup Sylvest and Kristian Saxtrup Sylvest. The remaining 10% is owned by leading employees.

Executive Management:
Kristian Saxtrup Sylvest, CEO

Board of Directors:
Andy Andersen, Chairman
Jesper Klein-Petersen
Michael Mortensen